Monday, 29 October 2012

Sandy--Intended To Destroy Freedom?

Live, from New York, where a category 1 hurricane Sandy is making a landfall, blowing trees away, leading to an evacuation of Battery Park, Coney Island and the Russian neighborhood of Brighton Beach, and causing property damage for an unapproximatable bill for taxpayer's money. In central Brooklyn the neighborhood of Cypress Hills looks like a battlefield--at least 4 trees have fallen down, business sign torn off, hardly anyone walks the dust-blowed streets.
The Statue Of Liberty is taking the impact of a 92 mph wind, making it an off-limits site after a scheduled re-opening after renovation works, and the liberty it represents is also under a threat. FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, may soon take control over everything from transportation to communication in its hands. As FEMA's administrator, Craig Fugate, stated earlier this week, "FEMA is in contact with states and tribal governments and stands ready to support their preparedness efforts". What his message reads is that IN CASE OF A NATIONAL EMERGENCY, FEMA TAKES OVER the US roads, bridges, tunnels, TV and radio stations, newspapers, hospitals, police stations and more to their consideration. The shutdown of the NYC subway may seem a logical solution in times of a disaster, but  how much power do these people have to have to handle thousands of other things as well? While they are unlikely to take over Whistleblower 51, their power will become similar to those of the President and Congress put together, and both of whom FEMA has the authority to replace in accordance with RX 84, a plan of taking total control over the USA in case of a national emergency.
Any natural and unnatural disaster can bring us to a new American despotism--a society with not a conservative or liberal at power, but some shadowy organization with a concealed agenda.
Will this hurricane, or storm or whatever meteorologists call it, destroy our Freedom and replace it with the New World Order?
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