Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hurriween on Manhattan

As the New York's authorities are thriving to deal with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Halloween this year was indeed spooky in Downtown Manhattan--imagine driving through the dark towers and skyscrapers of Wall Street with no street lamps giving you light and traffic cops replacing silent traffic lights.
Downtown Manhattan without power
That's what your Whistleblower 51's reporter has been doing to find out if any conspiracy has been engaged in this mess (I didn't find any Illuminati on the spot, sorry). Power was shut down in the entire Downtown Manhattan, Holland Tunnel was sunk underwater and no Trick-o-Treat was heard anywhere. The neighborhood resembled a scene from a disaster movie, with darkened One World Trade Center on top of it.
Midtown, however, was still the definition of "City, That Never Sleeps", and well-lit.
In Brooklyn and New Jersey cars were trapped to standing in hours-long lines for gas, and as dystopian as it may seem, things are starting to get back to normal--businesses reopen, subway starts to move again and Mayor Bloomberg is still there, with a lot of work, and a new sign of Global Warming.

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