Thursday, 8 November 2012

Black Copters And Predators In The Sky

 Black Helicopters were spotted in the sky over Florida and Virginia and an unmanned aerial vehicle Predator was intercepted by Iranians the same week.
 AH-64 Apache 
 Two military black helicopters were seen in the sky on Novermer, 9 over Virginia and on November, 4 in Kissimmee, Florida by Whistleblower 51's whistleblowers who preferred to remain anonymous (spoiler: that was me, the writer of this post). The black helicopters, often associated with the conspiracy, both resembled AH-64 Apache.
 The BH in Virginia was spotted just over Interstate 95, in the daylight, probably going to (or coming from) Mount Weather, FEMA operations center. The curious thing was that in the same place I spotted tanks, cloth-covered and loaded onto heavy trucks. It certainly looked like mobilization at first, but their presence could be justified by the presence of Mount Weather and Quantico marine corps base in the region.
 The second copter, however, was spotted in the residential area of Kissimmee, Florida, just South of Orlando.
That's not the first time this month a reconnaissance aircraft was seen in the sky. According to The New York Times, On November, 1 an American UAV Predator was intercepted by the Iranian extremist fundamentalist military forces. The spy drone was not even harmed, but the fact Ahmadinejad fired at an American aircraft seems to be the second milestone to a possible third war in the Gulf. Right now, it doesn't take being a Harvard Law School graduate to predict that the outcome of this conflict will be deadly for Iran, but if Ahmadinejad and other anti-semitic policymakers of Iran will reverse-engineer and clone the US spy drone they captured several months ago (which will give them the secret of the Stealth technology, which was acquired by the Americans the same way--fallen from the sky near Roswell, NM), fulfill their nuclear program and find an ally in Mafia-ruled Russia, then America still has little to afraid of, but Israel might not withstand such pressure, like Rome that fell to barbarians.
Iranian reps recruiting in a Russian university
(photo taken by DX Denton, Whistleblower 51 member)

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