Friday, 21 December 2012

It's not the End of the World, but you can see it from here

On the day of winter Solstice in 2012 Whistleblower 51 published an article in which I disclosed a secret of the Russian government in connection with the nuclear missile control system called "Perimetr" and the secret underground complex under Mount Yamantaw. On August, 04 of 2013 I discovered that my site had been hacked and the article with that information reverted to its draft form, containing no classified information. So to you hacker(s) out there: it's a bad idea to hack into information that accuses people interested in shutting such information down, because if the owner has a backup, you're disclosing yourself.
All the awesome videos and the interactive map are gone, but the truth re-emerged on the surface again. Here are the backup scans of the article's printouts. Good luck hacking into the piece of paper, FSB!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Connecticut Yankee In President's Obama Court

As the world is reeling from the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary, President Obama takes measures to outlaw the second basic principle of the American freedom--the right to carry a gun. In light of recent events he might succeed in attracting supporters among the American population, but is that the answer? Ban firearms, and do you get rid of the mentally-sick idiots who will find a way to get a gun illegally? Or was Adam Lanza acting with a shadowy agenda, and not merely by being out of his mind? Liberals have been waiting for a chance to bar guns for ages. Then Virginia, Oregon. Now Newtown. Obviously, the death of 20 innocent children, 6 adults, a suicide terrorist and his mother, right in the home state of American gun industry, would commotion the public to take action on guns. Well, Whistleblower 51 is the first to say the obvious--this drama looks to be a part of a conspiracy to force the government to set strict laws on firearms. Now that Sandy Hook is another Kennedy, Roswell and Tunguska, the question should be asked: who is responsible and should be brought to justice? Was Lanza acting alone because of his hatred towards gun violence that he tried to end with the same act of violence? Or was he a gunman in hands of more important people? Then Liberals are our primary suspects. Yet, there is another, hackneyed but universal explanation: the Illuminati who obviously would not want a people's militia in the United States to threat their plans of world domination.
It's easier to control where you pull guns when they are in hands of troops than families.
Thus ends the twelfth b'ak'tun. It's not the End of the World, but you can see it from here.
Murderers. Conspirators.