Tuesday, 1 October 2013

No Government--Best Government?

Well, With the government shut down we officially reached anarchy, congratulations, President Obama. If the Illumnati wanted to take over the country, Obama just gave them a chance to expand their power even further.
Which brings me to a conclusion that Barack Obama was initially plotting with the ancient secret society to shut down the government during his presidency for them to step in. Many things make sense now--why else would the President introduce a health reform the government pays with the money they don't have? By introducing Osamacare, the President kills two birds with one stone:
1) destabilizes the economy beyond repair by conventional means, making it easier for the Illuminati to buy the government part by part;
2) sows discord among conservatives and liberals in Congress so that it gets to the point where they have to "take a break". 
So today we enter a period of anarchy that will most likely end up with the Illuminati taking over.
Reminds me of a song "Anarchy In Tokyo" by 30 Seconds To Mars:

"Before it begins it's over."

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